Friday, April 28, 2023

Mixing Metal Gemstone Jewelry

 Happy Accidents Create the Best Jewelry Designs

I am always amazed when my 'chaotic bead table' full of a variety of chains, charms and unique gemstones, turns out to be the best place to create unique designs.  A perfect example is that after I soldered a unique plum agate gemstone today, I was going to create a necklace with it using one of my antique silver chains. But then I noticed the diamond shaped pearl a few inches away from the agate as well as a rich black metal bead chain.  The light bulb went off- I knew the silver chain was no longer a contender for the design.  Next to the black chain was a bit of vintage brass chain....I could see the design coming together in my mind...

From chaos to beauty-- the Plum Agate Pearl Black Chain Necklace was formed!
Available in different lengths.


Thursday, April 27, 2023

Labradorite Stone Necklace - Gemstones that Glow!

Handmade Labradorite Heart Pendant Necklace

Gemstone lovers that are fond of the stone called Labradorite love it because it often reflects a gorgeous blue flash.  This is due to an iridescent property of labradorite that results from light diffracting off closely spaced layers of calcium- and sodium-rich feldspar; otherwise known as labradorescence. As the stone is turned, flashes of blue- and in some cases green, yellow, and red- are visible across the surface of the stone. 

I recently found this large Labradorite heart gemstone with lots of labradorescence. I knew it would make a beautiful pendant necklace.  I have hand soldered it and added tiny silver soldered beads around the edge of the pendant.  I then oxidized the metal to a dark finish, polished it and waxed it.  A hand forged sterling silver hook clasp attaches to 2 different styles of chain- a silver tassel bead chain and an oxidized silver embossed cable chain. The heart pendant hangs asymmetrically from the silver tassel chain.  Shown below with our "Tiny Sterling Silver Padlock Necklace", sold separately.

To see more photos, Click here:  Labradorite Heart Pendant Necklace


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Large Stone Brass Cuff

 Gemstone Brass Cuff Statement Bracelet - Blue Amazonite Stone

Just finished this piece yesterday.  LOTS of soldering, oxidizing and polishing.  I love the organic feel to it--perfectly imperfect. Gorgeous blue Amazonite stone has been soldered to a gold brass cuff.  I added lots of soldered beads around the stone and then a few drops on the cuff.  Then  carefully oxidized portions of the metal so both the silver and black will pop against the gold brass.  So tempted to keep it for myself.  ;)   See more photos of this gemstone bracelet: 


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Antique Brass Chain Necklace

The Perfect Vintage Layering Chain - Choker or Long Wrap Around Necklace

These medieval style chains lend an old world feel to any outfit.  Layer with your favorite chain necklaces.  Choose antique silver or antique brass.  You can choose choker length or the longer version which can be worn wrapped around your neck once or twice.  

Long Antique Brass Chain Necklace


Monday, April 24, 2023

Fur Babies - Mini Aussie and Maltipoo

Our Dog Family

Here's a little peek into my family...I feel so blessed to have such precious fur babies.  Below is Riley, mostly my husband's dog, who is a 2-1/2 year old Mini Aussie, and Winston, mostly my dog, who is an 11 year old Toy Maltipoo.  Riley has a very high social IQ and is the most affectionate dog anyone has ever met!  She has us laughing every single day.  Little Winston is quite the character with a very big bark.  He loves attention and being next to his mom 24/7.   We LOVE our dogs and are pretty much never separated from them!

Riley curled up on the couch doing her "look how cute I am" impression

5 lbs of pure joy and cuteness here

Morning routine-- Riley jumps on the bed and plays (gently) with Winston

Riley giving her dad some love


Sunday, April 23, 2023

Medieval Inspired Jewelry: Handcrafted Necklaces and Earrings

Old World Jewelry with a Modern Feel

When it comes to designing jewelry, working with elements inspired by the medieval era has become a cherished passion of mine. The intricate patterns, unique motifs, and romantic aura of this period breathe life into my creations, particularly long chain pendant necklaces. Let me introduce you to some of my favorite handmade medieval-inspired necklaces and earrings, each handcrafted and one of a kind.

Crystal Blue Maltese Cross Necklace


Saturday, March 25, 2023

Handmade Heart Necklaces - My Passion!

Heart Pendant Necklaces

Working with heart shaped gemstones is one of my favorite elements when designing jewelry.  I love to hand solder these heart stones, adding soldered beads around the edge to each stone for a "studded look".  Here are a few of my favorites:  

I'll start with my new favorite Heart Pendant Necklace:  This is a Prehnite gemstone heart which I had cut for me by a lapidarist.  I think this Prehnite stone is exquisite - it reminds me of a secret garden.  And of course I added my 'signature garnet bead' to the bottom of the heart. See more photos of this necklace here:  "Prehnite Heart Pendant Garnet Necklace"

Next up is my other favorite heart pendant necklace.  This one was created with a gorgeous Labradorite heart pendant with lots of blue flash.  You can see it here:  

This heart pendant necklace below was created using a hand soldered metal heart.  I added a gold padlock to the heart and a dangling key charm to the dark brass chain. Also a personal favorite as you can see I am wearing it here in the 2nd photo.

One of my best sellers is the "Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace" which I have hand soldered down the center and around the sides to create a cross.  I used a sterling silver toggle clasp and an antique silver paperclip chain, which gives the necklace a simple, clean, modern feel.  Perfect for everyday wear and layering with other silver necklaces.

One of my first Labradorite hearts I hand soldered.  Here it is on an antique silver metal wheel bead chain with a cross charm and Kyanite gemstone I added midway up the chain.  How beautiful is this stone?

This next one is so much fun to make as I never know how it will turn out. I create a pattern with the solder so that each one is unique. All will have the little spikes though. I love it paired with this beautiful red chalcedony bead chain. 

Spike Heart Red Gemstone Rosary Chain Necklace

This gold puffy heart is hand soldered around the edge and hangs from an antique silver bead chain.  I've added a small gold cross charm midway up the chain.

This last heart pendant is a vintage locket.  I suspended it on two chains:  pyrite rosary chain and a black oxidized sterling silver chain.