I confess: I am a little obsessed with Jewelry...After spending many years in the corporate world traveling and working abroad as an Executive Assistant, I decided to pursue jewelry design as a hobby. I was unable to find jewelry that suited my taste, so I began my own collection. I would wear my pieces to work and to my surprise my colleagues were purchasing them right off my neck. A few years later, I was fortunate enough to be selling my work in boutiques and galleries nationwide. What started out as a hobby turned into an obsession and full time job. 14 years later, I continue to do what I love most, making unique jewelry with luscious gems, causing women to squeal with joy! (hopefully)

To keep my design cylinders open and flowing, I spend my free time outdoors. For me there is nothing quite as inspiring -- physically, spiritually and emotionally. Nature can touch us on so many levels. When I look up at the trees and study their leaves and limbs, I can't help to imagine a pair of earrings with green Peridot tear drop stones hanging from strands of oxidized silver chain. Or on a hike when I see a dark red leaf with its edges curled in, I dream of making a garnet strand necklace dotted with gold pyrite layered with a vintage brass chain. My designs are both delicate and bold, much like Mother Nature. I am amazed at how sometimes a simple design is all that is needed to bring beauty to that object. Other times I encounter a stone that is bold and beautiful and I like to let it take center stage. Nothing gets turned into a final piece unless it "sings to me", meaning it has to be perfect in design with all elements balanced.

My business name, ViaLove, was inspired by this verse:
“Let all that you do be done in love” 1Corinthians 16:14
And so it is with my business -- I pour my heart into every aspect of this business, giving attention to every detail -- whether that's designing the jewelry, filling orders, photographing new pieces or packing the orders.

Mission Statement:
To provide quality made, unique and beautiful jewelry that will enhance a woman's beauty.

ViaLove....-:¦:-:♥ From My Heart To Yours ♥-:¦:-........

A portion of all profits are donated to helping others and to the Humane Society.

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