Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gold St. Benedict Coin Bracelet - Friendship Bracelet

After I created the colorful "Beaded Chain Coin Charm Bracelets" last night at 1:30 am (shown below), I decided to make a white one, then a gold one, then I thought, "how pretty 3 would look together" so I made another white beaded bracelet. Once I had them on my wrist I was so excited, I started taking pictures of these bracelets (it's now 3am). I adore these Gold St. Benedict coins! Must say, I am pleased with how these bracelets turned out. The White/Gold combination just feels so right for summer--fresh and pretty. These are sold individually, or you can purchase all 3 for a discount.  You will find them at ViaLove - HERE

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. xo

FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS - Colorful Beaded Chain Coin Charm Bracelets

These new "Beaded Chain Coin Charm Bracelets" are so fun to wear ~ and at $30 a piece, who can resist such fun! I love a few worn together or one just by itself to give my outfit a pop of color. The 'blue green' is a very popular color. I personally love the orange paired with the the blue green and/or light blue. Faceted cut glass beads are wire linked together and feature a beautiful "Gold St. Benedict Coin" charm which dangles from the bottom. I can make these bracelets any length if you prefer a tighter fit.  To see all the colors I have available, click HERE.