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Monday, September 1, 2014

Gold Sequin Coin Necklace

Goofing off today while playing "model"...my least favorite thing to do is photographing the jewelry on myself. Most of the time I use "Jane Doe", my mannequin, but sometimes the jewelry just looks better on a real person. 

Today I am modeling the "Gold Branch Earrings" and "Gold Coin Sequin Necklace":

Earring and Necklace Sets - Boho Style - Gift Ideas

Who doesn't need gift ideas?  In this post I wanted to feature some of my favorite necklaces, earrings and bracelets that work well together.

First up:  The "Calm Water Series" -
"Rosewood Bead and Peruvian Opal Trio Bracelet Set"
"Aqua Chalcedony Butterfly Earrings"
"Aqua Chalcedony Pearl Necklace"
"Pink Pearl and Aqua Chalcedony"
and my new favorite necklace, the "Gold Sequin Necklace"