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Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Favorite Plant Nursery

So every weekend, the boy friend and I like to get out of town and explore.  One of the supreme benefits to living in the Bay Area is that there is so much to do and see! So last weekend, we stumpled upon this wonderful little plant nursery located in Albany, replete with coffee/pastry stand. I was in heaven!  Discovered many new plants and herbs. It was a treat for all my senses!

Flowerland, Albany, CA
Coffee and pastry stand.
I want this to be my back yard. 
Lettuce called "Flashy Trout's Back"...don't you love it?
Love me some herbs.
succulents. always.
Forgot what these are called, but they are gorgeous.
The boy friend enjoying a cup of coffee.
Love this photo of Winston. Accidentally hit the 'black and white' feature on my phone. Didn't even notice that our our feet were in the picture at the time I snapped it.
Love Child enjoying 'Flowerland'.
Decked in "Radiant Orchid", this year's hot color.
Vertical gardening = love.
Little cafe tables and chairs are everywhere.
Love the lights. I imagine this place is very pretty at Christmas time.
Texture and color everywhere.
Feast for the senses.