Sunday, October 26, 2014

How To Make Kale - BEST Kale Salad Recipe

Quick, Easy and Delicious KALE Salad.

Prep time: 5 min. 

Thought I would share one of my favorite salads. I recently starting making it with kale because we all know the benefits of eating our dark leafy greens!  This is basically a Caesar Salad Dressing that I have adapted to satisfy my own taste buds.

The key to a good salad is using fresh ingredients and quality cheese. I did skimp on the olive oil this time which I don't usually do but the quality cheese I used--Reggiano Parmesan Cheese and other ingredients-- made up for it. 

In a large mixing bowl, start with a generous amount of olive oil, perhaps a 1/3 cup, then squeeze almost all of a half lemon, a dash of Cholula, a dash of Nama Shoyo (raw unpasteurized soy sauce), a dash of garlic salt and a large dollop of mayonnaise. Whisk all together. Fresh garlic can be substituted for the garlic salt. Just smash a half garlic clove, whisk with the mixture, then remove before serving. Finally take several handfuls of chopped kale and toss in the salad dressing. Then the fun part-- Scrunch and Toss and Scrunch and Toss until the leaves are coated. Then shave the Reggiano Parmesan Cheese on top, grind some fresh sea salt and pepper to finish the salad. Now add slivers of steak or chicken, avocado and cherry tomatoes to turn this salad into a main dish. I could eat a variation of this salad several times a week! But never skimp on the cheese!

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