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Monday, August 12, 2013

Skull Jewelry

When skull jewelry first became really popular a few years ago, I must say those little skulls creeped me out...now I can't get enough of them. I fell in love with one style in particular. It's an antique gold skull that I polish up to look almost like real gold. I affix Swarovski Crystals into his eye sockets "so he can see". (see below)

I was interested in the origin of skulls so I will share with you this excerpt from wikipedia:
"Moreover, a human skull with its large eye sockets displays a degree of neoteny, which humans often find visually appealing—yet a skull is also obviously dead. As such, human skulls often have a greater visual appeal than the other bones of the human skeleton, and can fascinate even as they repel. Our present society predominantly associates skulls with death and evil. However, to some ancient societies it is believed to have had the opposite association, where objects like crystal skulls represent "life": the honoring of humanity in the flesh and the embodiment of consciousness."

Of course we know that the skull is most commonly associated with The Day of the Dead, the annual celebration in Mexico on November 1st, "coinciding with the Catholic observation of All Saint’s Day. The Day of the Dead is a uniquely Mexican celebration, a cultural festival resembling Halloween in many ways, but with more cultural and spiritual meaning. The holiday combines elements of Catholicism with ancient Aztec symbolism, and honors the spirits of departed ancestors and loved ones who are believed to return to earth to join in the celebrations." From Symbolicdictionary.net.

While I do not believe in loved ones' spirits returning to join in on any celebration, I will admit I find skulls fun but most of all, a bit mischievous...quite like me. 

Here a few of my favorites pieces of skull jewelry:

Gold Skull Necklace, Sterling Silver Chain

Gold Bead Skull Stretch Bracelet

Black SKULL Stretch Bracelet

Red Skull Stretch Bracelet
Aquamarine Crystal SKULL Stretch Bracelet