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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Long Pendant Necklaces

Wanted to share some of my new favorite Long Pendant necklaces with you:

Rose Quartz Antique Brass Necklace

Lemon Quartz Gold Bar Necklace
Wire Wrapped Pearl Gold Bar Necklace

Teal Quartz and Garnet Necklace

Organizing Your Jewelry

Some fun and stylish ideas for storing and organizing your jewelry via WhoWhatWear.com

Stick wrapped in rope with hooks hanging
from the wall makes a rustic necklace organizer

Frame with lattice-- hang necklaces and earrings.

Vintage candy jars filled with jewelry.

Planks of stained wood adorned with hooks- great way to hang long necklaces.

Decorative door knobs to organize your necklaces.

More decorative knobs. Keeps necklaces from tangling.

Colorful ceramic and china creates an interesting
backdrop and is a great way to keep jewelry organized.

White porcelain dish to keep your rings and things.

Love this cow horn for organizing watches and bracelets.

How creative is this? Antique rack to keep necklaces organized.

Love this blue glass bottle with a tree branch to display necklaces.

Glass hurricanes can store and protect jewelry.

Monday, August 12, 2013

GOLD JEWELRY - Jewelry Trends for Fall 2013

I loooooove GOLD jewelry so I was especially excited to read that a lot of Gold Jewelry will be shown this fall.


Check out this link below from www.elle.com:

"31 pieces of Gold Jewelry to Wear Year Round"

Skull Jewelry

When skull jewelry first became really popular a few years ago, I must say those little skulls creeped me out...now I can't get enough of them. I fell in love with one style in particular. It's an antique gold skull that I polish up to look almost like real gold. I affix Swarovski Crystals into his eye sockets "so he can see". (see below)

I was interested in the origin of skulls so I will share with you this excerpt from wikipedia:
"Moreover, a human skull with its large eye sockets displays a degree of neoteny, which humans often find visually appealing—yet a skull is also obviously dead. As such, human skulls often have a greater visual appeal than the other bones of the human skeleton, and can fascinate even as they repel. Our present society predominantly associates skulls with death and evil. However, to some ancient societies it is believed to have had the opposite association, where objects like crystal skulls represent "life": the honoring of humanity in the flesh and the embodiment of consciousness."

Of course we know that the skull is most commonly associated with The Day of the Dead, the annual celebration in Mexico on November 1st, "coinciding with the Catholic observation of All Saint’s Day. The Day of the Dead is a uniquely Mexican celebration, a cultural festival resembling Halloween in many ways, but with more cultural and spiritual meaning. The holiday combines elements of Catholicism with ancient Aztec symbolism, and honors the spirits of departed ancestors and loved ones who are believed to return to earth to join in the celebrations." From Symbolicdictionary.net.

While I do not believe in loved ones' spirits returning to join in on any celebration, I will admit I find skulls fun but most of all, a bit mischievous...quite like me. 

Here a few of my favorites pieces of skull jewelry:

Gold Skull Necklace, Sterling Silver Chain

Gold Bead Skull Stretch Bracelet

Black SKULL Stretch Bracelet

Red Skull Stretch Bracelet
Aquamarine Crystal SKULL Stretch Bracelet

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Love / Hate Relationship with Coffee

There is nothing...nothing...nothing I enjoy more (in the food/beverage realm) than a cup of strong coffee. I prefer Peets. It can be iced, room temperature or hot. I love the taste but most of all how it stimulates my mind and gets my creative juices flowing. I  L O V E   C O F F E E.

At the same time I struggle with Fibromyalgia. I rarely share this with anyone so it's kind of weird I would be writing about it on my blog. Coffee causes pain throughout my body. Kind of feels like the aches associated with the flu. So here's the thing, I have noticed a distinct difference in how I feel when I am not drinking coffee. Virtually no pain. I find that I can drink tea (I prefer the English brand Tetley's or PG Tips) and get close to the ever so desired state of a stimulated mind, but it's not quite the same. It's like I'm 85% there, just not the 100% I would get with coffee. So that's my trade off. I'm hoping with time, my body will adjust and I will feel just as stimulated with tea as I do with coffee. Plus, I think I have less energy at the end of the day with coffee. With tea I find I can keep going.....hence my Love/Hate relationship with coffee.

So today I am trying to kick the coffee habit. It's almost 1pm and no coffee, just tea..and I am still functioning! Yay! (Not dragging my feet like I thought I would be.)  Think I might just make another cup and head upstairs to my studio to test my creativity....WITH TEA!

Better Choice

Why I Love My Job! ♥

Received this email yesterday from a customer:

 " Hi Jen, just received the necklace and I cannot thank you enough!! The necklace is perfect and am so happy with my purchase!! You are super professional and great communicator! I really wish you the best of luck with your business and I will be sure to spread the word to let people know about your beautiful jewelry. Thank you again :) "

Me:  **JOY**

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Edgy Pearl Earrings

Classic Pearls With An Edge

Just created these pearl earrings over the weekend. I can't believe how much luster they have. I wanted to design a pair of earrings that my customer could wear all the time (very versatile) and was not your average pair of pearl earrings. When I added the sterling silver oxidized wire and French earring hook, I knew that was it. I loved how the black finish makes the pearls really pop and shows off their luster.

For those not versed in luster, here is a quick summary taken from http://www.pearl-guide.com
"Luster is essentially the reflective quality or brilliance of the surface of the pearl nacre. The more lustrous the pearl, the more it shines and reflects light and images."

Drop Pearl Earrings - Edgy


My latest Pinterest finds.

This look makes me long for fall.

Nicole Richie nails it again.

Chartreuse paired with black.

 Black Monochrome. My Favorite Look.

Wow! Leather shorts.

 Leather Pleated skirt (sans the spike shoes).

 Is anyone else drooling?

 Hair, Jacket, Skirt, Shoes = 

 Leopard pants with yellow stripe.

 Wang. Need I say more?