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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Classic Jewelry With An Edge

I have always wanted to create jewelry that reflects my own personal style and all the things I love. Probably the hardest aspect of being a jewelry designer for me has been figuring out my style and therefore focusing on that brand. I used to say my collection was boho chic until that phrase became as common and overused as "LOL". And while I LOVE feasting my eyes on long beaded bohemian style necklaces, flare pants and maxi skirts, and a shabby chic home, my own personal style has always been a bit more "glam rock" with clean lines and a nudge of sophistication. Not a rough and tough rock and roll look, yet a bit spunky. Call it "the unexpected". I love seeing juxtaposition with interior design (a chandelier hanging from a tree) and in fashion (my army jacket worn with some of my sparkly crystal jewelry).  It is with this clarity today that I feel like I have finally honed my design aesthetic and am proud to announce that my design focus going forward will be considered "Classic Jewelry With An Edge".

Here are some pieces that I've designed that reflect that aesthetic:

Crystal Quartz Earrings, Black Hoop Earrings, Oxidized Hoops
Crystal Quartz Earrings, Black Hoop Earrings, Edge, Oxidized Hoop, Rock Crystal Quartz, Clear Stone, Double Rings, Rustic, Sterling Silver

Pink Blue Grey Necklace, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Mystic Quartz Necklace
Pink Blue Grey Necklace, 3 Stone Necklace, Asymmetrical Necklace, Artisan Jewelry, Silver Chain Rose Quartz, Aquamarine Necklace 
Black Horn Necklace, Claw Pendant, Talon, Rocker Chic, Edgy Jewelry, Hematite, Horn, Diamond Crystals, Gold Beaded Chain, Long Necklace


Sideways Cross Necklace, Edge, Rocker Chic, Gold Sideways Cross, Big Cross Necklace
Sideways Cross Necklace, Rocker Chic, Gold Sideways Cross, Big Cross Necklace, Black Chain, Large Gold Cross, Edgy, Glam