Monday, April 8, 2013

The BEST Organic Skin Care

Why Organic Skin Care? Because Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ!

When you choose organic skincare, you are choosing products whose ingredients work with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin. Given the right nutrients, our skin has the ability to care for and mend itself. Our bodies use nutrients absorbed not only through food, but also through the skin. It is medically understood that what goes on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream and is carried through your body. Why is it that we are far more scrutinizing about what we put in our body than what we put on it? You have probably thought about the benefits of eating a healthy diet but what about the effects of all the chemicals in the skin products that you are slathering on?

There are many benefits to using natural beauty products, but most importantly, they are better for your health, and they work. Basically, if the products you are using aren't safe enough to eat, then you shouldn't be using them...So why not have your cake and it too?

My new favorite find is Tierra Mia Organics. My friend Sylvia is a certified esthetician and owner of this amazing skin care line which uses organic RAW GOAT MILK. She is a family friend whom we have known for years and who raises the goats that produce these amazing products. Having known Sylvia for some time and having used her products, it is a joy to be able to endorse her and her amazing line of skin care!

I have used 4 different kinds of her soaps. They are truly, truly amazing! You can use them as  face or body soap. My mother and I both love how they remove makeup so easily and leave your skin looking refreshed and feeling wonderful. And to think that you can get these kind of results from using pure organic ingredients to do this is pretty exciting!
Check it out:

Ingredients:  Raw Goats Milk, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Local Raw Honey, Raw Beeswax and Essential oils .

So today in the mail I received my first jar of "Original Face Cream" which came highly recommended. I can't wait to wash my face tonight and try this face lotion. I will be reporting back and expect to be giving it rave reviews.

My other favorite product (there are so many!) is the "Gentle Daily Face Scrub". You will see your skin change in a very short time. It truly is the BEST exfoliate I have discovered. It will unclog and tighten your pores and give you a healthy glow. Your skill will look younger and refreshed in no time. And it's gentle enough to use every day! Not to mention that the scrub is good enough to eat as there is no need for preservatives in its dry form.

for creating such a wonderful organic skin care line!

UPDATE: 5/14/13  I have been using these 2 products morning and evening since I posted about this skin care line. I am very pleased with the results!  Most amazing: my pores have shrunk in size and it has given me a more even skin tone. In picture below I am not wearing and foundation or powder.