Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sunday Drive - Crazy Winding Road Scenic Drive - Bay Area Back Roads

Family Outing - Sunday Drive to Mt. Hamilton / Lick Observatory

So last Sunday, day after 4th of July, we decided to do an impromptu Sunday drive. We hopped in the car (Steve and I and little Winston), and drove toward Del Valle, which is a state park in Livermore. We knew there was an amazing, hilly, winding drive out that way so we headed out to explore. The further we drove, the more winding roads we encountered and hills that just kept going and going and going-- beautiful undeveloped land. (the drive: from Del Valle Road, turn left on Mines Rd to Hwy 130, San Antonio Valley Rd. to Mt. Hamilton)

Along the way we passed Ruth's Barn...I SO wish we had gone in! This is perhaps the FUNKIEST yard sale 'shop' I have ever encountered. Also, don't miss "The Junction Bar & Grill". A great place for a pit stop. You can sit outside and enjoy a coke with a few bikers or two.

Ruth's Barn

Ruth's Barn Yard Sale
The Junction Bar & Grill

 After nearly an hour of driving we discovered Mt. Hamilton and the Lick Observatory, which was closed, unfortunately. However, we enjoyed walking around the many observatories and the breathtaking views surrounding this location. NEVER have I seen such a view in the Bay Area!

View from Link Observatory 

I love the shape of this tree.

View from the observatory
Dormitories next to the observatories

Little Winston, my Toy Maltipoo, who accompanies us on our road trips.

Winston and me at Mt. Hamilton

View from the Main Laboratory

Lick Observatory

Steve managed to capture this bird flying over my head!

the bf.

To finish the day off we continued on to the San Jose / Milpitas area and stumbled upon this WONDERFUL Greek Restaurant called, "Mikonos Grill". Very casual but great food!...Loved their Spanokopita. The boy friend had their lamb/chicken kabob.