Thursday, May 22, 2014

Easiest Form of Exercise


One of the easiest ways I find to stay trim is to hike. It's important to me that I enjoy exercising (or I won't do it) and I find hiking stimulating on so many levels yet at the same time I can let my mind unwind and drift off.... This gorgeous open space (see pictures below) is right in my back yard, so as I look at it, I have no excuse not to exercise. I enjoy focusing on the sounds of nature around me -- the wind howling past me, the loud hoarse cawing of crows, the lizard shuffling about in the brush, the dirt being kicked around by a gopher, and the sound of bliss when there is pure silence. 

If I'm not meditating while I'm hiking then you will find me taking pictures. I recently switched from an iphone to a Samsung 4 as I take lots of pictures and I love the quality of photographs I get from this phone. 

Don't forget your sunscreen!
My favorite sunscreen which I have used for years is made by MyChelle. It's chemical-free, offers effective protection and is vegan friendly. I wear this daily- rain or shine, winter or summer. It's perfect for when I'm hiking outdoors as it's not heavy and thick causing you to feel like you are perspiring more.

A nice straw hat with a wide brim is always a good idea. I have a similar hat to this that I wear when I head out for my hike. This one can be found at

So grab your these! You can find them at

and head out the door!...if you're walking alone, don't forget your whistle! []

As Nike says, Just Do It.