Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Love / Hate Relationship with Coffee

There is nothing...nothing...nothing I enjoy more (in the food/beverage realm) than a cup of strong coffee. I prefer Peets. It can be iced, room temperature or hot. I love the taste but most of all how it stimulates my mind and gets my creative juices flowing. I  L O V E   C O F F E E.

At the same time I struggle with Fibromyalgia. I rarely share this with anyone so it's kind of weird I would be writing about it on my blog. Coffee causes pain throughout my body. Kind of feels like the aches associated with the flu. So here's the thing, I have noticed a distinct difference in how I feel when I am not drinking coffee. Virtually no pain. I find that I can drink tea (I prefer the English brand Tetley's or PG Tips) and get close to the ever so desired state of a stimulated mind, but it's not quite the same. It's like I'm 85% there, just not the 100% I would get with coffee. So that's my trade off. I'm hoping with time, my body will adjust and I will feel just as stimulated with tea as I do with coffee. Plus, I think I have less energy at the end of the day with coffee. With tea I find I can keep going.....hence my Love/Hate relationship with coffee.

So today I am trying to kick the coffee habit. It's almost 1pm and no coffee, just tea..and I am still functioning! Yay! (Not dragging my feet like I thought I would be.)  Think I might just make another cup and head upstairs to my studio to test my creativity....WITH TEA!

Better Choice