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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flare Pants 2012

In this Marie Claire YouTube video, check out DJ Chelsea's rock n' roll style with her flared jeans. Next, blogger Kelly models her flare pants with a dressy red blouse for a more dramatic look. The third woman, Athena, is an interior designer whose pant shows her sophisticated appearance. Multiple looks can be achieved with flared trousers.

Flared Pants Worn Three Ways

More Flared Pants

 Tips for Optimal Fit of Pants

While flared pants can be worn by a variety of women, the high-waisted flared pants look their best when suited to the particular woman's body shape. The optimal look is achieved when women match the width of the pant legs to the proportions of their bodies. A petite woman, for example, suits a pant that is of moderate width. For a curvy woman, the most flattering style is a well-fit trouser around the thigh with a slight bell curve at the hem of the pant. Too much flare over-emphasizes the hip area in the curvy body type.
Curvaceous women should also pay attention to the front pockets of the pants. Avoid pockets with extra material and zipper pockets that accentuate the hips and draw attention to the area.
For women who wish to create an even longer looking leg, adjust the length of the pants to fall to the floor. Streamlined looks are created. This tip works well for petite women.
Pair the flare trousers with close fitting tops to balance the shapes of the outfits. Geometric shaped patterns are also big for spring, making this particular shirt design a good choice to pair with the pants. Designers from Gucci to Donna Karen showcased the geometric designed clothing in their Spring 2012 Collections.